BLAG Linux, a Mini Fedora Linux

BLAG is a Linux distribution based on Fedora Core and reduced to one CD. It includes useful applications missing from Fedora Core (e.g. mp3, p2p, apt, etc...), as well as a suite of graphics, Internet, audio, video, office, and peer-to-peer file sharing applications. BLAG is up-to-date with all Fedora errata fixes at time of release and uses synaptic for easy upgrades. The name stands for Brixton Linux Action Group, which works to overthrow corporate control of information and technology through community action and to spread Free Software.

BLAG is a 100% Free Software distribution with all the tools you want from a desktop computer, plus more. It comes on a single CD, is easily installed, and user friendly. Power users have the resources of a repository that combines bits from Fedora, freshrpms, Dries, ATrpms, livna, Planet CCRMA, and our own special brews.

BLAG 70000 (sugarwater) is a new series with a new base (F7) and many new applications. It is released under the GNU GPL v3.

Featuring all of the applications below on JUST ONE CD. Burn copies and hand them out! It's got it all. Did I mention it's all on just one CD?

enabled with inkboard so you can collaboratively work on drawings with other users via the Internet using jabber!

Audio players
"listen", is a cool app that integrates playlists, album covers automatically, lyrics, wikipedia lookups, group playlists, everything. Audacious replaces xmms.

mplayer & xine
Two top-notch video players, plus mencoder to re-encode audio and video

DVD Ripping
Well, that's what it does. Thoggen! So easy to use, straight to theora format. For CDs, there's the venerable grip.

Edit soundfiles with a lean, easy to use, but powerful sound editor.

Handles jabber, AOL, MSN, IRC, ICQ, Yahoo, and other Instant messaging networks--all in one program. Includes encryption and "off the record" plugins for privacy.

The famous web browser, of course

Nice email client

Tune into streaming radio stations on the 'net! Plus with streamripper, you can record 'em.

Or instead of just listening, broadcast your own station with MuSE and icecast! Free music is even included.

Make VoIP (IAX2) phone calls and play with BLASTERISK.

Very cool Internet TV program. Download high-quality shows straight to your hard drive. Don't settle for little windows in a web browser! :)

Package/Application Management
Both yum and apt are available with pirut and synaptic GUIs. Download from our repo of over 9,000 free packages.

User friendly yet powerful, Gnome is the main desktop that BLAG is built upon. Fluxbox is on the CD too....

A few of those even....

Edit photos & images, put Bush's head on anything you want, have at it...

Bittorrent and a gnutella client, sitting right there on the CD waitin' for you.

Get blog or any other RSS feeds with liferea, gpodder for audio blogs, and gnome-blog for uploading your own blog posts.

Conveniently translate text or websites.

Document Layout
scribus for anything from pamphlets to long books!

Office slock
abiword a lightweight word processor, gnumeric lightweight yet powerful spread sheet, and glabels does its job so well.


Server bits
apache for webserving, vsftp ftp server, and postfix for SMTP. Openssh's server is included, along with a dhcpd server and xinetd.

CD has kernel- BLAG 70k is compatible with i686 (~Pentium II or greater) processors. BLAG disables SELinux by passing selinux=0 to the kernel boot line. :)

So freakin' much
And even more in the online repository. Thousands of more applications are available with a few clicks. No cost, yo.

Yes, all this is on one CD! 700 megs of Free Software.

For installation instructions you can view at this wiki, and the ISO of BLAG can be downloaded at here.

Put in the CD, hit enter at the boot: prompt, and answer the few questions. :)

Alternately, if you want to ERASE EVERTYHING on your hard drive and do an automated install, you can type: blagblagblag at the boot: prompt of the initial screen of the CDROM. This makes installation fast and easy for computer labs, recycling centers, etc.

Enjoy !


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