Toorox Live, another Gentoo based distro

Toorox is a Linux Live-DVD based on Gentoo that starts as a bootable media using KNOPPIX technology. While the system is booting, all necessary drivers will be included automatically.

Toorox is only using the memory and an existing swap partition at runtime, so your hard disks won't be touched by default. Currently, Toorox use the latest stable KDE 4.1.0.

Minimum equipment:
i686 CPU (Pentium II and faster) + 256MB RAM + DVD

Optimum equipment:
Multi-Core CPU + 1GB RAM + DVD

Some examples to use it:

  • Backup data
  • Secure internet browsing
  • Look and feel for Linux rookies
  • Hard disk installation

Owners of Radeon VGA-Cards should notice improvements, because the free radeonhd driver is now installed and has been added to the hardware-detection. The 3D-Desktop should run well now, too after installing the proprietary ATI driver.

It contains the brand-new Firefox 3.0 and Epiphany has now been added to Toorox. for web browsing, too. Wine was updated to Version 1.0.Kontact and Kmail are back now in Toorox-KDE4.

More info and download links about this distro can be reached at here.


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