Vector Linux

Speed, performance, stability -- these are attributes that set VectorLinux apart in the crowded field of Linux distributions. VectorLinux is a lighterweight, fast, Linux operating system for Intel-AMD x86 compatible systems and is based upon Slackware, one of the original Linux distributions. Slackware is the true 'Unix' of Linux distributions and its popularity stems from the fact that it is a robust, versatile and almost unbreakable system. VectorLinux has improved Slackware to produce a bloat free, easy to install, configure and maintain operating system that is second to none. We include automatic hardware configuration, unique administration tools and easy software package management via the Gslapt/slapt-get system. VectorLinux is considered to be the fastest, non-source Linux distribution on the planet!
The VectorLinux team is proud to announce the release of VectorLinux 5.8 GOLD LIVE CD and the first SOHO-5.8 alpha live CD and DVD. This is the final release for 5.8 standard GOLD live. The hard drive installer that has been problematic is fixed and should work well. The SOHO 5.8 alpha live comes in either CD or DVD versions. The DVD version includes all that is in the SOHO-5.8 install release plus 62 additional language packs for KDE. The CD version has lost some funtionality due to size constraints. The development tool chain and OpenOffice (replaced by Koffice) were removed. However, for demo purposes the CD live version of SOHO-5.8 should work well.

These live CD's demo all that is making the 5.8 Vector release famous like browser plugins, seamonkey firefox and opera, the newest xfce4 desktop, The Gimp and Xara LX, Abiword and Gnumeric, vasm and vl-hot, wireless drivers and configuration tools, support for read and write to ntfs via fuse and ntfs-3g, and lots of fun and games.
You can download the ISO here.


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