SymphonyOne 2008.1, the other taste of Ubuntu

The release of SymphonyOne 2008.1, an Ubuntu-based distribution with Mezzo, an alternative desktop environment, is available now. Symphony OS is a distribution of GNU/Linux based on the Debian GNU/Linux and KNOPPIX operating systems. Symphony will do things a bit differently than other Linux operating systems; making it easier to use and more intuitive than most existing distributions.

SymphonyOne is an almost 100% rewrite of all the Mezzo desktop code taking advantage of more features of fvwm to provide a smaller footprint and more stable environment. Based on Ubuntu 7.10, SymphonyOne provides a complete desktop environment and full Ubuntu compatibility on systems with as little as a 200mhz processor. SymphonyOne also introduces our new WebApps system which allows you to make any website into a program in your programs menu which runs as it’s own process in it’s own window.

Main Features:

  • Based on ubuntu 7.10 with all the latest updates.
  • Compatible with all Ubuntu packages
  • Ubiquity installer (same as ubuntu)
  • Completely rewritten Mezzo Desktop (Mezzo v.2) implemented using more features of FVWM giving it a lighter footprint
  • System management by Gnome-System-Tools (network, display, users, etc.)
  • Web App System (similar to Mozilla Prizm but implemented in Orchestra and fully integrated into the system). Inside firefox there is a button (bookmarklet) that when clicked takes you to a wizard that allows you to make the current page a web app. Web apps are displayed in the programs menu like any other program, using the favicon.ico from the site in question as it’s icon. When launched, the web app is run in it’s own window seperately from firefox.
  • With the changes in the Mezzo desktop we have thrown away our old desklet system which was never really adopted by developers and have moved to adesklets in this release.

You can download SymphonyOne at Here.


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