CDLinux 0.6.1 Stable Release Is Available

The stable release of CDLinux 0.6.1 is out now. CDlinux is a compact Linux mini distribution. It ships with an up-to-date version of the Linux kernel, X.Org, Xfce window manager, and many popular applications. It has good internationalization and locale support and is highly user-configurable.

This release has a minor bug fix and some major feature enhancement. It ships with linux-, xorg-7.3, xfce-4.4.2, firefox-, pidgin-2.4.1, xine-1.1.12, and many other up-to-date popular applications. And all these are packed in a 57M ISO file.

This release fixed a quoting bug in rc.modules. It has newly added support for touchpad, lzma, pdf, and improved support for desktop icons and mactel. It honors dbus and hal, and can handle hotplug much better. This release also features greatly improved font support for various lang/locales.

You can get CDLinux by downloading at Here.


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