Chakra, KDE Mod LiveCD

Chakra is a free, user-friendly and extremely powerful liveCD and/or operating system based on the award winning K Desktop Environment and on the GNU/Linux distribution for connoisseurs: Arch Linux.

With rolling releases, freshly cooked packages, its graphical tools and a small but strong and diverse community, it is the computing environment you may have been waiting for. Chakra and Arch's community-driven development is grounded in the concept of KISS, which has been proven to be superior for people who really want to learn something about Linux or dont want to deal with administrative overhead, or are just lazy nerds like ourselves.

The team of Chakra's goal is to provide a operating system for desktops that is easy to use, but still has all the functionality, clarity, power and speediness of a KISS operating system. In the long term, the team want to build an operating system based on Arch Linux that meets most requirements desktop users have today, like easy installation of software, graphical system administration, configuring power management on mobile devices or sharing an internet connection. To be better able to fulfill this goal, they strongly rely on users who report bugs, send in feature requests and ideas for improvements, and of course participate in development.

Although this might sound like a distro for Linux newbies, these are not its primary target audience, at least not for the moment. Chakra is made for techy people and competent GNU/Linux users with a passion for KDE, KISS and such stuff, who dont fear to get their hands dirty but want to set up a usable desktop system quickly and easily.

By the way, you can download this live CD at Here.


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