ZEN-mini 2010 has been released

ZEN-mini 2010 or ZEN, based on PCLinuxOS, is a minimal Linux livecd that is bootable and can be installed. It comes with a very basic GNOME desktop without additional applications. It is designed for advanced users or for users who wish to learn how to customize their system with the applications and support files they want to use.

Additional software can be installed through the Synaptic Software Manager (requires network connection). Add your own background, window decorations, web browser client, email client, music client and fully trick out your desktop the way you want it.

Now, ZEN-mini 2010 has been released. Built with GNOME 2.30, kernel bfs, addlocale, and including fixed pulse audio.

You can download this mini PCLinuxOS at Here. ISO size only 343mb!

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