Final Beta of Dreamlinux 3.0 has Released

Dream Linux has released the final Beta of version 3.0. Dream Linux is a Brazilian distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux with featuring a live CD with a graphical hard disk installation option.

It boots directly into an Xfce or GNOME desktops which provide access to a good collection of desktop applications and a central control panel for system configuration.

The changes in this release are including some applications such as Gthumb (replacing GQview), Pidgin instant messenger, Ndiswrapper module, WineQ + Wine Doors installer. It has done some fixes and improvements for booting from any CDROM unit, Improving Dreamlinux Control Panel, Dreamlinux Installer and Easy Install application.

Now, Theme-Switcher on Gnome changes theme without the need to restart X, Setup-Network Manager for stop, start, restart, stop network on booting, start network on booting. Network now setup to automatically start during boot.

In addition that include on this release are: Cupsys also starting up on boot, New wizard for emerald-themes, New wallpapers, New icons, New Avant Window Manager themes (check AWN Manager on DCP), New GDM themes, now featuring countdown and other minor overal improvements.

You can download this release's ISO at Here or Here by Torrent.


I am a lover of children's literature said...

Interesting, but it looks an awful lot like OS X to me! Especially the way Compiz adds the Cube, Zooming, Dock, etc.

GS Davis said...

I have dreamlinux on my Thinkpad, and I love it. I also use Mac, since I'm a professional photographer and need Photoshop, so I love the Mac-like feel to it. I am a relatively newbie to Linux, but I've tried more than a dozen blends, and this is perhaps my favorite. I like gOS and PCLinuxOS a lot as well.

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