Musix 1.0 R3 Test 5 is Available Now

Musix has released its first DVD. Musix GNU+Linux 1.0 R3 test5 Live-DVD and Live-CD are both testing versions produced on the basis of the stable version 1.0 R2. As you know, Musix 1.0 is Linux distro that based on Knoppix and Debian/Stable which focusing to multimedia work, especially music editing for musician. For complete list Linux distributions for audio or multimedia editing, you can read my last post about that.

Version 1.0 R3 test 5 solves several 1.0 R2's problems, among them, the "Inconsistent Filesystem Structure" bug after an improper shutdown and the SATA HD installation bug. English is now the default boot language and new functionalities were added, for instance: automount of CDs, DVDs and USB memories, or the "install" boot argument.

The goals of the making DVD distribution of this release are:
better language support, to include more education, video, graphic, and audio applications and to make a better general purpose system of course.

New packages on the Live-DVD: OpenOffice (75 languages), full KDE Desktop (63 languages), dozens of education apps (23 categories), a 75Mb Steinway Piano Soundfont, full printer and scanner support, amarok, scribus, cinelerra, kino, kdenlive, lives, freej, blender, inkscape, Linux Multimedia Studio, democracyplayer, vlc, mplayer, qdvdauthor, mandvd, Clam, canorus, Qcad, wengophone, a lot of games, gem, yafray, beryl, compiz, konversation, konserve, stellarium, nted, clamav, avscan, qemu, development packages, mozilla-firefox-locale (28 languages), manpages (23 languages), Linux 2.6.23-rt1 (when installed) and many more!

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KDE is the default desktop for the DVD version because its great language support, but we encourage you to try the "Musix's" desktop: IceWM+Rox, it's light and functional, or Fluxbox. Also, Kdesktop can be used from IceWM+Rox if you want a "Windows like" desktop.

You can download the ISO of this Live DVD release at Here.


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