NimbleX 2008 Beta has been released

NimbleX; a Slackware-based mini live CD which is able to boot from a mini CD, USB storage device or from another computer on the Local Area Network; has released the 2008 Beta version. Several things still need to be polished but overall it's an important step towards what's going to be NimbleX 2008. The most significant changes are from the technology point of view, that in the future should provide a significant increase in usability and stability.

Highlights since NimbleX 2007 are:

  • Experimental Safe Installer
  • Better LZM compression
  • 2008 Beta is split in 5 pices
  • 9 Desktop environments
  • and many other things.

The Experimental Safe Installer is a very important addition for the users that was created to allow people with XP, and in the future with other distros, to make a "one key hit" safe deployment to HDD. The approach with the experimental safe installer is to avoid altering any partitions, this way minimizing the risk of damaging data and minimizing the user input to only one Enter necessary to get NimbleX on the HDD.
Using the new LZM compression I managed to squeeze a lot more stuff in NimbleX.

This beta is 16MB overweight and in the final we'll have to loose some weight to keep in the 200MB shape. NimbleX 2008 Beta is split in 5 to allow users that customize it a greater flexibility. Those that don't need a graphical environment can easily make it 50MB big.

9 Desktop environments have been added in the Beta: KDE, E17, E16, XFCE, IceWM, EDE, Fluxbox, OpenBox and TWM.

Other significant additions are: Gimp, XINE, Firefox, XMMS, GParted, ClamAV, support for RPM and DEB packages and many many other stuff. The beta has many multimedia libs added by default, but they and other stuff will probably be removed in final to slim it down to 200MB.

The KOffice package now contains all the applications but it's usability it's still the usability that KOffice always offered.
To remaster the NimbleX CD, all you have to do now is execute the remaster script from a terminal.

Download this beta release at here.


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