Pioneer Linux 3.1 has been released

Technalign, Inc. has announced the release of the Pioneer Basic 3.1 workstation, Stagecoach 3.1 the combined server and workstation, and it's enterprise server MigrationSERVER 3.1. These workstations utilize the KDE desktop and run off a Live CD for users to test before installation. Pioneer Linux is a desktop-oriented, Kubuntu-based distribution targeted at new as well as experienced Linux users.

The new releases maintain the 7 year lifecycle and those running previous versions of Pioneer Basic will be able to run the update manager to bring them up to the current version. All known and reported critical bugs have been repaired in this final release.

Changes to the version include Technalign's Electricity, powered by Wine-doors, software which allows the end user to run many of their Windows? applications. Along with Electricity; the Cowboy, Cowgirl, and Wrangler Repositories, which where created in partnership with Automatix, are included and are available to other communities.

The Cowboy repository contains Electricity powered by Wine-Doors and Icedtea (open source Java), Cowgirl contains items that require licensing, but free, including Real Player, Skype, Opera, and Adobe products, and finally Wrangler will contain only commercial products such as HIATLANTIS, the Technalign CRM/Supply Chain Management application.

More info and download links can be found at here.


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