Musix GNU+Linux 1.0 Third Release has available

As said on my last post, Musix GNU+Linux is a Free Operating system intended for musicians and users in general. Musix is based on Knoppix and Debian/Stable. Musix GNU+Linux also contains an enormous collection of free programs.

The system will boot from your CD/DVD drive, with no need to install anything on your hard disk. The programs currently support the English and Spanish languages.

Here are some key features of Musix GNU Linux:

  • Master for CD
  • Publish musical scores
  • Print musical scores
  • Create MIDI Instruments
  • Record and reproduce Audio and MIDI
  • Edit and mix Audio and MIDI tracks with Multitrack Sequencers/Editors
  • Perform noise-reduction to recover recordings
  • Use effects in real time with any device (microphone, line, etc.)
  • Connect a keyboard or another MIDI device and control the available software synthesizers
Last version of of Musix GNU Linux is “Musix GNU+Linux 1.0 R3 test3” Live-CD, a testing version produced on the basis of the stable version 1.0 R2 and the reports about test1 and test2.

1.0 R3 Test3 solves several Musix 1.0 R2's problems, among them, the “Inconsistent Filesystem Structure” bug after an improper shutdown, and it tries to solve the SATA HD installation bug so.

English is now the default boot language and new functionalities were added, for instance: automount of CDs, DVDs and USB memories, or the "install" boot argument. Now you can install Musix by typing "english install" or "knoppix lang=en install" or "xorgmusix lang=en install" at the first "boot:" screen. Also, Kdesktop can be used from IceWm if you want a "Windows like" desktop.

Video edition and graphic design applications have been moved towards the Live-DVD version that will be out in a few days.

Fundamental programs have been updated since Musix 1.0 R2: Ardour 2.1, Jackd 0,103, Solfege 3.6.4, Musixcontrol 1.5, etc. New packages were added: Firefox (iceweasel) aMSN 0.97rc1, Musixstarter or Gnumeric, turning Musix into a friendlier system for general users.

Its software repository now contains LMMS 0.3.1, which can handle native VST plugins.

You can download this last release at here.


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