Clonezilla Live 1.0.9. -19 (stable) has been Released

Clonezilla Live is a Debian-based live CD containing Clonezilla, a partition or disk clone software similar to Norton Ghost. It saves and restores only used blocks in hard drive. By using clonezilla, you can clone a 5 GB system to 40 clients in about 10 minutes.

A few days ago, Clonezilla Live has been released on version 1.0.9. -19 (stable). This release is a bug fixed one with some minor updates. Here are :

  • Bug fixed: memtest, freedos and etherboot were not listed in syslinux boot
  • Bug fixed: cciss RAID device restoration was broken.
  • Bug fixed: When "ocs-iso -s" or "ocs-live-dev -c -s" was run in Clonezilla live, etherboot and freedos image were not copied. Thanks to Spiros Georgaras.
  • menu in clonezilla live zip file.
  • Now syslinux related files are in /syslinux/.
  • sdparm was added in Clonezilla live.
  • Newer syslinux.exe is used now. Makeboot.exe is replaced by so that USB flash drive will boot successfully with kernel under /casper/.
  • Package zip and unzip were added.
  • partclone 0.0.6 is used now so clone.fat is available.
  • More descriptions were added in the boot menu.
  • An option for VGA mode 640x480 was added so that it's easier for some PC, e.g. Asus Eee PC, to backup and restore in Chinese environment.

You can download Clonezilla at Here.


MonkeyBusiness said...

Thanks for the passion given to the open source! I'm new to Linux, and since when i've started to use even the easiest distro (Ubuntu) i discovered a new world, with people like you, ready to share your knowledge at the entire community!

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