Slax 6.0.3 Has Been Released

The Slax development team has announced the latest version of Slax 6.0.3 yesterday. Among all the updates described in the changelog, it features a bugfix for SquashfsLZMA kernel driver. They said 6.0.3 won’t include the fix, but it has been decided to wait a bit and include it.

What’s new in this release?

  • Added kernel with kernel headers, stripped sources and modules all using the same version, to prevent any possible mismatch
  • Silenced several bootup messages
  • Added wpa_suplicant package
  • Updated to Slackware-current, which adds a lot of FIRMWAREs
  • Fixed a bug in sqlzma, which may cause (in rare conditions) data read errors
  • The sgnfile= boot parameter was not working, so it’s fixed now.
  • now works even if called from a different directory
  • The ‘copy to ram’ boot menu option doesn’t have any changes= default anymore
  • Fixed loading of modules from subdirectories while using copy2ram
  • The ‘nocd’ boot parameter has different meaning now. It will cause CDROMs to be skipped, but still visible later on

You can download this release of Slax at Here.


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