Zenwalk Live 5.0 Has Been Released

Finally, Zenwalk Live 5.0 is available now! The new Zenwalk Live features all the latest secure & stable versions of Zenwalk 5.0 standard packages based on the current repository.

In this release, the development team also present Zen Installer which will enable you to install a standard Zenwalk system onto your computer's hard drive. You will, of course, find Zen Installer along with all other native Zenwalk system configuration tools under Menu -> System -> Zenpanel (Root password is: ZenLive).

Now, if you first use Live Clone to remaster your own LiveCD & then execute Zen Installer from that remastered LiveCD, it is interesting to note that in that case, you will install your own customized version of Zenwalk rather than the Standard version. This is very helpful if you need to deploy a highly personalized Zenwalk System on the computer park of a school, a cybercafé, an office or an organization.

(Notes: From a Zenwalk Live cession, yous simply have to personalize your desktop graphic environment as well as suppress and/or add some new programs, and then click a couple times in Live Clone, in order to create a LiveCD that will be a perfect clone of your modified cession.)

As previous release, Zenwalk Live 5.0 offers extended multilingual, Multimedia & Wifi support. Simply execute Wicd network manager from Menu -> Network, in order to configure eventual passwords & connect yourself to any available wavelan.

You can download this new release of Zenwalk Live at Here or Here.


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