MirOS BSD #10 Has Been Released

MirOS is an operating system based on OpenBSD and synchronised with the ongoing development of its parent. The most important differences between OpenBSD and MirOS include a completely rewritten bootloader and boot manager, a slim base system without NIS, Kerberos, BIND and i18n, binary security updates for stable releases, and current versions of the GNU developer toolchain.

MirOS is available as a BSD flavour which originated as an OpenBSD patchkit, but has grown very much on its own, though still being synchronised with the ongoing development of OpenBSD, thus inheriting most of its good security history. This variant is also called "MirBSD", but the usage of that word to denote MirOS BSD (plus MirPorts) is deprecated.

MirOS BSD often anticipates bigger changes in OpenBSD and includes them before OpenBSD itself. For example, ELF on i386 and support for gcc3 were available in MirOS first. Controversial decisions are often made differently from OpenBSD; for instance, there won't be any support for SMP in MirOS.

More info and General overview about MirOS BSD and MirPorts (in English, German, and French) can be reached at Here. Now, the MirOS Project has released MirOS BSD #10. A mini-ISO for the installation can be downloaded from Here. The full CD image can be downloaded via BitTorrent.


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