Absolute Linux 12.1.0 Beta 1 Has Released

First beta of Absolute Linux 12.1.0 that based on the recently updated Slackware 12.0 modification has released.
This is a beta release because it is based on Slackware-current. The base system, utilities and integration are actually superior to anything in the 12.x series so far, but it is possible that there can be package incompatabilities between Slackware 12.0 releases and Absolute 12.1x.

Includes support back to Intel Pentium CPUs; this means you should be able to install on an old Intel Pentium-1 or a AMD K6-2 machine. You will need at least 48MB of RAM. Suggested minimum hardware requirements are a Intel Pentium II and 64MB RAM. If things run slow, turn off the auto-mounting option.

The default Auto-mouting of connected devices (CDs, USB sticks, external drives...) is unique in that devices are not automatically mounted, but icons of the devices appear in a panel hidden UNDER the taskbar. When you want to look, click the arrow on the right of the taskbar; that bar will slide off to the right, and connected devices appear on the lower panel.

Single-click on an icon for the default action, else right-click for a menu. (For example, an audio CD will have "Play", "Rip" and "eject" listed.) You can also have the devices truly auto-mounted, with icons popping up on the desktop, by selecting the appropriate options in the DevTray preferences. For VOLUMES > PREFERENCES, choose MOUNTING auto mount and under pinboard show icons on the pinboard.

You can download it at here.


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