gOS: The Google OS?

gOS is an Ubuntu-based distribution using a heavily modified Enlightenment window manager. gOS 1.0.1 is a simple, user friendly, beautiful desktop for normal people.

"We're creating an OS ecosystem that is complete. We come with all the software you need to browse the web, email, instant message... play movies, music, and connect to iPods... create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, images... out of the box. Plug and play!", said its author.

gOS recommends Google for just about everything... Gmail, Gtalk, Calendar, Maps, Docs and Spreadsheets, and more. We'd like to welcome you to the idea that Google already is your "operating system."

In the media, it was often presented as a "Google OS", but the project's web site states that gOS is not affiliated with Google in any way. Even so, the distro developers are clearly enamoured with Google applications and services, which form an integral part of the gOS experience. The computer and the OS are meant to attract less technical computer users, but its low-end specifications suggest that it might be too sluggish to be really enjoyable. Still, it's hard to beat the price!

gOS thanks the Ubuntu 7.10 community and Enlightenment community for their contribution to gOS and the world. Our dedicated team and passionate community of volunteers are commited to bringing our alternative OS to the masses... so people everywhere can enjoy a third, more affordable and attractive choice when shopping for a computer. To get ahead of ourselves, we're saying goodbye to closed software and the digital divide.

Download gOS at here.


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