PCFluxboxOS: Mini of PCLinuxOS

PCFluxboxOS is a light-weight, PCLinuxOS-based distribution with Fluxbox as the window manager. PCFluxboxOS is a beautiful little remaster series of PCLinuxOS with Fluxbox as the window manager.

PCFluxboxOS gives you all the power of PCLinuxOS through Synaptic and the Control Center, whilst delivering a lightning fast operating system, even on older hardware.

There is a remaster in the series for all users from TinyFlux with a carefully considered selection of applications so that memory usage is kept to a minimum right up the giant G-Flux and K-Flukx (formally FullFlux) for a full-on Linux experience. Each remaster has the same polished and modern 'look and feel'.

Fluxbox presents a unique desktop experience. Whilst it is often used in 'light-weight' distros because of it's low memory print, beneath the surface it is actually quite powerful. This Wiki provides some useful tips and links to get the most from your PCFluxboxOS experience.

PCFluxboxOS is a series of remasters of PCLinuxOS catering for different end-user needs. All the following remasters are installable live-CDs and all come with the i586 'Legacy' Kernel for increased compatibility with older hardware. Newer kernels can be installed via Synaptic.

TinyFlux 1.0 Final out now!

At long last the first stable TinyFlux release, version 1.0, is now available for download.

It will be recommended to perform a clean install of TinyFlux 1.0 - this means formatting your / and /home partitions. It will not be possible to upgrade any of the test releases to the final version. However, you will be able to keep TinyFlux 1.0 up to date using Synaptic for the foreseeable future.

A minimal desktop experience within a tiny ISO of 235MB.
Ships with the legacy kernel for ultimate compatibility with older hardware. Newer kernels, including will be available as a Synaptic upgrade just as soon as they move out of testing status into the main PCLOS repos.

Main applications:
AbiWord (word processor); Netscape browser (inc Flash 9); Sylpheed (e-mail); Thunar (file manager); Audacious (XMMS/WinAmp clone); gThumb and mtPaint (image viewing/manipulation); Brasero for CD/DVD burning; Synaptic (package manager); PCLOS Control Centre; guided installer.

The GlorySimplex GTK theme and the Oxygen Refit icon theme give TinyFlux a polished, modern appearance!


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