Zenwalk Live 4.8 Live Has Released

The Zenwalk Live Team presents Zenwalk Live 4.8. This new release features the speed, stability and usability of Zenwalk Gnu/Linux with several new features geared towards Linux Live CD users. From the beginning our goal was to make this the best Live CD ever and it makes us proud to offer it to the world.

Zenwalk GNU/Linux is a modern, user-friendly and fast operating system that provides the user with software that gives a full multimedia, development, office and desktop environment ready for both work and play. Zenwalk Live takes these same great features, makes them extremely portable and then adds new features such as system recovery tools as well as software to build your own Live CD.

New or improved features of Zenwalk Live include automatic wide-screen resolution adjustments, the ability to read and write to the ntfs file system, a LiloFix gui tool, wireless free drivers and much, much more. This release also comes complete with enhanced localization and user guides translated in more languages than ever before so that you feel right at home, no matter where you are as you learn all of its features and just what this thing can really do for you.

Weighing in at under 500 MB, this baby packs a punch! Whether you are a sysadmin, a long time Zenwalk Live user, curious about Linux or are always on the go this Live CD is for you. It's a pocket full of Zen, ready anytime and anywhere!

Download the ISO of its Live CD at here.


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