First RC of StartCom MultiMedia Edition 5.0.7

A first release candidate of version ML-5.0.7 of the StartCom MultiMedia Edition codenamed "Kessem" has been released. This test release introduces a new low-latency 2.6.23 kernel in addition to many, many updated packages and version upgrades.

What's New?

This OS is now much more compatible and in par with the StartCom AS-5 series (aka RHEL 5) what the basic underlying system and desktop packages concerns. This includes a switch from Xgl to AIGLX for compiz, but Firefox and Thunderbird have been updated to more recent and releases. The desktop is polished and boosts a huge Sound and Video section.

Most audio and video manipulation software has been updated to current versions and others were added. For example this release features Ardour 2, Qsampler (Linux Sampler), Qsynth, VST plug-in support, a new selection of sound fonts and a new low-latency kernel modified with realtime preemption patches to specially support audio production studios. Of course all the other well known programs like VLC, Rosegarden, Muse and the vast selection of midi, synthesizers are still here as well.

Download this First RC of StartCom MultiMedia Edition 5.0.7 at Here.


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