TinyMe test 7 is now available!

TinyMe is a PCLinuxOS-based distribution which is targeted at older computers and people who want a very light and fast desktop environment. It runs Openbox for the window manager, LXPanel for the panel, Nitrogen sets the wallpaper, and iDesk provides the icons.

There is are two control centers in TinyMe, one for managing your desktop and one for configuring your system. TinyMe comes as a small, 200MB ISO, yet provides tools for most all of your everyday wants and needs: Web browsing, E-Mail, Word Processing, Audio Player, Photo Viewer and Digital Camera application, PDF viewer, Text Editor, FTP client, and even Gweled, a game.

Here's update changed since Test 6 release:

  • -Created TinyCC, a Desktop Control Center.
  • -Fixed bug where users could not change resolution in PCLinuxOS Control Center. Added task-x11.
  • -Fixed bug where some users would get a message of "Your session has lasted less than 10 seconds" right after logging in. We are now using Gnome Session Manager to start the TinyMe desktop.
  • -Openbox menu now conforms to PCLinuxOS menu system. Right-click on the desktop to see the Openbox menu.
  • -Updated Openbox to 3.4.5.
  • -Updated SciTE, gThumb, Opera, Galculator, ALSA, Sakura, and ndiswrapper.
  • -Updated Conky, system monitor. Now supports RSS feeds and wireless networking. Audacious information now only shows when Audacious is running.
  • -Updated Gnome files. New features such as search and "recently used" are available.
  • -Switched to Nitrogen for wallpaper setter (and added a few wallpapers).
  • -Simplified desktop system monitor to make it less obtrusive.
  • -More icons on desktop.
  • -Improved logout options. Now has an option to Switch User.
  • -Root and regular users have different GTK themes.
  • -LiveCD should now eject on shutdown.
  • -Added Testdisk.
  • -Added ePDFViewer.
  • -Added Sylpheed e-mail client.
  • -Added gFTP, a small yet robust e-mail client.
  • -Added VIT, Video Installation Tool. VIT will help you get the proper video drivers for your video card.

You can download this new release of TinyMe at Here.


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