VoltaLinux 2.0 has been released

Voltalinux is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Slackware Linux and the pkgsrc package system from NetBSD. The project offers a pre-built distribution where the user can enjoy the clean design of Slackware Linux with the availability of over 5,000 NetBSD ports ready to be installed.

Now, Voltalinux 2.0 based on 2.6.21 kernel, based on slackware 12.0 and pkgsrc-2007Q3.

The main new feature is the installer !
120 packages ready to be installed (even for slackware 12.0)
As previous release it has no gui and is server oriented, most of packages are for server use: postfix, dovecot, spamassassin, pure-ftpd, mysql, hylafax, quagga, exim, maradns and many more.

You can download its ISO at here.


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