Shift Linux 0.6 Has Been Released

Shift Linux has moved away from it's Morphix base and is now based on Ubuntu. This version incorporates Firefox 3 (GranParadiso), OpenOffice, new themes, and a tested installer. Its also updated to KDE4. This is a transition version as we move away from Morphix and port over its previous versions to Ubuntu.

Neowin Community has released Shift Linux 0.6. There are three versions released at this time: Shift Linux 0.6 Gnome, Shift Linux 0.6 KDE4, and Shift Linux 0.6 Lite (for older computers). Shift Linux Lite will contain two less resource hogging desk managers (XFCE-4 and Fluxbox), but will have a full compliment of packages and utilities. Both versions of Shift Linux 0.6 will be fully installable (tested and verified).

You can download this release at Here.


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