Annvix 3.0 Has Been Released

Annvix, the Mandriva based distro and secure Linux distribution designed for servers has released Annvix 3.0. This release comes with several versions of new software. All of it can't possibly be listed, but the important ones to watch out for are listed. We highly recommend doing whatever backup you deem necessary in case anything goes wrong with the upgrade or your data isn't compatible with a new version of the software. Backup guidelines will be noted where applicable for particular pieces of software. The afterboot manpage also contains great information on backing up databases, etc.

Annvix 3.0-RELEASE (Freya) is now available! Today marks the fifth public release of the Annvix Linux distribution; this version is the fruit of almost a year's worth of hard work. We believe that 3.0-RELEASE is the best version of Annvix available. It is recommended that everyone using 2.0-RELEASE upgrade, as it is no longer supported.

Some of the new features include: kernel with AppArmor support (RSBAC is no longer supported); updated services, including PHP 5.2.5, MySQL 5.0.51, PostgreSQL 8.2.5, Apache 2.2.6, and Samba 3.0.28; many other upgraded system packages, including glibc 2.6.1


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