Christmas Edition of Zenwalk Linux Live CD

A special edition of Zenwalk Linux named ZenEdu Live Christmas has been released and now is available for download. This live CD based on Zenwalk snapshot and majoring on educational & fun contents which can be used independently by educational institutions, families, students & children alike.

Along with the legendary speed, lightness & full multimedia support you can expect from a Zenwalk derived production, key features include the famed educational suite Gcompris, the universal OpenOffice suite & the indispensable over-the-network teaching & viewing tool iTALC, already pre-configured with teacher/student parameters.

"Thanks to lzma compression, we were able to include educational programs ranging from Astronomy, chemistry, languages, math, music, etc... all the way to simple programming.

In fact since we wanted to offer you even more than a mere CD-ROM could physically contain, we have set up a dedicated repo with ready-made modules which once downloaded can be used on the fly or else used for an easy CD-ROM or USB-Pen re-mastering. Most of this re-mastering can be done straight from the file manager's right-click menu (Courtesy of Goblinx technology)" said the development team.

ZenEdu Live Manual has already been translated in a few languages, & in it, you will find details on each included programs as well as instructions for easy customization of this new toy.

We hope you will enjoy this Special Edition of ZenEdu live & we wish you all the very best on this happy occasion.

Download this live CD ISO at here.


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