GoblinX Micro 2.6 rc01 Has Been Released

The GoblinX Micro Edition is the smallest version of our distribution and contains only Fluxbox as windows manager and GTK/GTK2 based applications. The edition is indicated for those users whose like to do fast tests, know more about Fluxbox and rebuild the live CD.

"The Micro is created mostly to help us to develop better and small applications that can be used for all small windows managers such as Fluxbox, and also prepare the livecd without all less necessary files we can find. We also intend to use it to test Web2 and/or Ajax applications.. " the development team said.

The first ISO released for the 2.6 series, GoblinX Micro includes several upgrades and corrections. Xorg is upgraded to the newest version, also several applications were upgraded and several small bugs are corrected. It also introduces some small graphical interfaces to be used for Fluxbox.

You ca download GoblinX Micro 2.6 at here.


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