SAM Linux 2008 RC1

After more than half a year without a new SAM disk, the development team of SAM Linux are happy to give you a nice Xmas present: SAM 2008 "claw" Release Candidate 1.

What´s new:

SAM uses the newest XFce 4.4.2 as default desktop
SAM now supports around 60 languages out of the box
SAM comes with proprietary Ati and Nvidia drivers on the live cd, and compiz fusion pre-installed
many packages are updated to their newest versions available at the PCLinuxOS repos
OpenOffice was replaced by Gnome-Office (Abiword+Gnumeric) because of disc space limitations
SAM has a new start menu, a "hacked" menu from LinuxMint
the deskbar applet in combination with the tracker search tool gives you a powerful desktop search

Note: if you have problems with non-starting SAM menu and deskbar-applet (after killing X or installing the 3rd party video drivers), run "restart XFce4-panel" from the "system" menu.

Beside all this, the biggest change is unquestionable the introduction of our own package repositories, basically a slimmed down copy of the PCLinuxOS software source (thanx to Texstar for uncomplicated permission!), enhanced with some new built and some SAM-patched packages.

This gives us the possibility to avoid conflicts with PCLOS releated software (i.e. theme packs) and also to make it a bit more easy for normal persons to "not destroy" their SAM desktop by installing the wrong programs (i.e. Nautilus, KDE stuff...).

Advanced users who wanna have all the PCLinuxOS packages available still can use the PCLinuxOS software repositories, but wont get full support by our team (because WE use our own sources too).

Now, you can get it by download at here.


Demis said...

Geat work. However, there is another lightwait distribution: Insert

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