Zenwalk 5.0 First Beta Release

Zenwalk 5.0 will be a major release, introducing several new systems. Firstly, version 5.0 is the first Zenwalk release to introduce the Freedesktop HAL system (Hardware Abstraction Layer). In the past Zenwalk had provided its own hardware hotplug system, but HAL has now been deemed mature enough to fit within Zenwalk's stability guidelines while giving unbelievable flexibility to hotplug and hardware detection in general.

Noticeable enhancements to Zenwalk found in version 5.0 are the numerous software updates including the latest Xorg 7.3 suite of X servers, drivers, fonts and other software packaged in a modular and easily manageable fashion. Other updates include the latest version of the Iceweasel web browser, the Icedove email client and hundreds more!

The modern and powerful Wicd wifi-browser and configure application replaces Wifi-radar, while the Intel' (TM) wireless device firmware is provided out of the box and is installed providing the user reads and accepts the Intel license, prompted at the end on the Zenwalk install process. This new licensing acceptance scheme allows users dependent on Non-FOSS drivers and firmware to fully support their hardware without need of searching as well as identifying Non-FOSS software for purists so that they may keep their system inline with their principles.

Following tradition Zenwalk's default desktop environment is XFCE and is now at version 4.4.2 sporting the legendary Zenwalk desktop layout with a completely new artwork design making Zenwalk 5.0 visually and functionally the most sober and elegant release to date.

If you are interested to be beta tester, you can download the ISO installer at here.


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