Parsix 1.0 has Been Released

The first testing release of Parsix GNU/Linux 1.0r0 code name `Ramon` has been released. This version brings lots of improvements and new features integrated with the latest open source technologies right to your laptop and desktop computers.

Parsix GNU/Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution designed for desktop and laptop computers. It can be used as a live CD too. Parsix GNU/Linux is based Debian and derived from KANOTIX. Parsix GNU/Linux contains the most common and needed applications for desktop/laptop users.

The main highlights are: Improved live system with new startup and shutdown scripts, new live structure, new SquashFS+LZMA compression system, brand new kernel with CFS, CK, TuxOnIce, Iwlwifi and more patches, Parsix specific GNOME 2.20.2, lots of updated packages including 2.2.1, GNU Iceweasel, GIMP 2.4.1, glibc 2.7, Pidgin 2.2.2, Exaile 0.2.10 and more, all packages have been synchronized with Debian testing repository as December 12, 2007, new GUI X.Org configuration tool ported from Ubuntu, new attractive blackish look and feel and more.

This is a well tested system and there is not any critical breakage, but we need the community help to test sections like kernel, hardware detection, GNOME desktop, other OSes detection system on the installer and included software packages.

Now, you can download Parsix at here for 32bit and here for 64bit versions.


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