Endian 2.2 Beta 1 has Released

The Endian Team has released a new version of the Endian Firewall Community . It has version 2.2 Beta 1.

Endian Firewall Community is an all-in-one Linux security distribution that turns every system into a full featured security appliance. Designed with “usability in mind”, Endian developed a software that is extremely flexible and very easy to install, use and manage. The Community version has been warmly embraced by the open source community and has so far enjoyed over 185000 downloads with thousands of deployments worldwide.

Support for multiple WAN Connections, Zone Firewall for stealthy filtering of local traffic, time based HTTP access policies and OpenVPN X.509 support are just some of the brand new features. The result of over a year of development is an enhanced and polished Endian Firewall release, network security has never been
so powerful and easy.

Highlights of this Release:

- Enhanced management of WAN/RED connections

  • Support for multiple uplinks
  • Multiple IPs/networks on each WAN/RED interface in STATIC mode
  • Uplink monitoring with automatic failover (ISP failover)
  • Uplink editor
- Port Forwarding
  • Multiple uplink support, allowing different rules per uplink
  • Port Forwarding of traffic coming from VPN endpoints
  • Option for rule based Logging
  • GUI enhancements
- System Access
  • External Access has now been enhanced and renamed to System Access
  • Fine grained management of permissions regarding access to the system from LAN, WAN, DMZ and VPN endpoints
  • Default policy for firewall/system access is now set to DENY
  • Firewall services automatically define ports required for their proper function, but access can be restricted
  • Support for ICMP protocol
  • GUI enhancements
- Outgoing Firewall
  • Support for ICMP protocol
  • Handling of multiple sources/ports/protocols per Rule
  • GUI enhancements
- Zone Firewall
  • DMZ Pinholes has been enhanced and renamed to Zone Firewall
  • Fine grained filtering of local network traffic
  • Rules based on zones, physical interfaces, MAC addresses
  • Support for ICMP protocol
  • Handling of multiple sources/ports/protocols per rule
  • GUI enhancements
- HTTP Proxy
  • Time based access control with multiple time intervals
  • Group based web access policies
  • Major GUI enhancements
- OpenVPN
  • X.509 and 2 factor based authentication
  • Pushing of DNS settings to clients
  • Pushing of global or per client routes
  • Support for NATed VPN endpoints
  • Support for VPN over HTTP Proxy
  • Automatic connection failover
  • Every VPN endpoint is resolvable through DNS (vpn..domain)
- Logs
  • Every service supports remote logging
  • Daily log rotation
  • GUI enhancements
- System
  • Accelerated and polished boot process
  • Firewall logs rule number and target
  • Refactoring of service scripts
  • Squid 2.6 with major performace improvements
  • Updated packages for ClamAV, Amavis, Postrey and much more

You can download this Endian release at here.


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