What Ubuntu Forum Members Said About Puppy Linux?

Puppy Linux, the light, small and mini Linux is faster load distro nowadays for comparing to the other mini or small distros. I just visited the Ubuntu Forum and read people talked there about Puppy Linux. Here are some of the copy paste what they said:

All I can say is wow. I've been running Puppy on the eMachine below for 2 days now, and it's the most functional desktop environment for low-end PC's I've ever seen.. in fact, I turned off my laptop running Ubuntu hours ago, and I haven't even wanted to use it for a while! It's PERFECT for low end, extremely fast and very easy to install. I recommend you guys give it a shot, the iso is only 70 megs!

The whole idea behind Puppy is to counter all the bloated "full feature" Linux distros (yes, like our beloved Ubuntu) so that older pc's can run them instead of outdated and crappy versions of Windows. This distro is bloody fantastic though, it even runs GIMPShop really well. Wait times for firefox to load are about 3 seconds, Abiword about the same. I'm just exstatic about this little distro.


Hit Ebay, you can get some darn cheap old PCs there. I recently got a little Compaq iPaq C700 form factor PC for £30, and 512 MB of RAM for £20. Works great! Even usable for flash video, which is something many slow machines strugle with.

I'm giving the live CD a go on my lil Celeron 700. It is very fast, specially considering it is a live CD.
I normally run Debian Etch on this machine, I don't think I'll be switching. But it is a very impressive desktop!!!


you can run puppy as a live cd, or pen drive (without having to install it).


Wrong. Puppy formerly was custom. Now it is based on T2 Linux, which is good, by the way, especially on PowerPC, far better than Ubuntu, largely because T2 keeps up with its package maintenance, so e.g. bluez is the very latest 3.10 not Feisty's 3.9.

I don't know whether Puppy will ever ship for PowerPC but you can always use T2 for that, directly.

Puppy is a nice little distro - the problem has always been the customized package system, making for small selection. Combining with T2 widens that a good bit and the ability to use .deb's is of course the max. But then Debian is not exactly famous for up-to-date packages...


thoroughly recommend puppy, it loads straight to ram so is really fast, it also has it's own installer to install to usb flash drive, definately worth a try.


Very impressed with it.

You also have to enable the internet connection as DHCP or dial-up. Great distro.


The only problem (and I mean only) is that it doesn't work with my wireless (which can be easily remedied by Auntie LAN Cable and Uncle Hub) - I love the ability to keep my data/apps on even a CD-R. Wouldn't have been able to rescue my Ubuntu system when I crapped it up without my Puppy Live CD. Fast, stable, small footprint (or should I say... pawprint?), lots of features, etc.


Puppy was really fast when I tried it on my 1Ghz, 128MB computer. However it did not let me easily connect to the internet through dialup. And that woof woof at the beginning!

A friend of mine, who knows only about Ubuntu, when he came over the other day, saw it running and he was like, "Puppy? What's that? Linux for dogs?". Haha, I thought that was pretty funny. In any case, Puppy is the fastest I've seen a Linux system run and that's off the OS. Athene (not in xserver mode) was the only thing faster that I've tried.

I love Puppy Linux! It is small, fast, light and does everything I need it to (except play games, but I have an XP PC dedicated to that). It is also the only one that was easy to set up my WPA wireless on. Makes an old clunker run like a champ! I'm definitely keeping it around!


Puppy running on my pentium D 930 is what you call quick, and it runs fine on the dual core..
Such an amazing little creature, I have run it as a live cd, installed and installed on my thumb drive..


I tried out the live cd today and like it. I wonder if i install to a thumb drive, can i take this to school, reboot the pc and take my notes on puppy and save them in abiword, then when i come home just plug this in and copy over my notes to my main pc? I use evilwm and gentoo as my file manager, would the thumb drive show up in gentoo? This seems like a super cheap way to use linux instead of windows at school, still access their internet, and be easier then carrying a laptop around.


I tried out the Puppy Linux live cd and it blew my mind. Setting up my wireless card was effortless--it is a lot of fun to use. Do yourself a favor and give it a go!

Puppy runs on my old Pentium 133MHz with 32MB ram, dual booting with win98 (not even SE) on a 2 GB hard drive. I created a 128 MB swap partition for Puppy to use using a text-only distro called HAL91, and then Puppy boots and runs pretty quick on that old clunker.

I can't really run sea-monkey, its just way too slow --- Dillo is the preferred way to go!!!! If only someone would make an i18n version of dillo...


It is very good, I even managed to get desktop shadows working on my laptop

It seems a lot faster and more stable than Ubuntu with the KDE translucency/shadow effects too.

Although I wasn't able to get hardware accelleration working, so no Enemy Territory


What about you?


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