TEENpup 2.14 has Released!

TEENpup is based on Puppy Linux and if you've ever tried Puppy Linux, you will know how free a system Puppy is. You can hack it to bits, no system manager stopping you copying in some system files like Ubuntu or Debian or Mandriva.

You can experiment with a Puppy base system any way you like. Of course you
will break a Puppy base system like any other Linux Operating System, but if most of your experimenting is while running from a Live CD, there's not much to lose.

Now back to TEENpup, if you're like me and have found Puppy to be too old looking and wishing that Puppy came a good selection of the better apps from KDE or Gnome, Looked as good as the other bigger Distro's, but retained that ease of use for those new to Linux that Puppy gives, then TEENpup might just be for you.

How does a Live / install Distro that comes with Flash, Java, Realmedia and a whole lot more codecs sound, what about being able to play those encrypted DVD's other Distro's complain about and won't let you play your favourite movies, due to missing codecs, no problem here.

What about quick boot times. I run TEENpup 2.14 installed to Hard Drive on a 5 year old run of the mill PC and it takes about 33 seconds to boot up and about 7 seconds to shutdown. One thing I can't stand anymore is slow boot / shutdown times.

Feel free to download TEENpup from here, here or here. Please be aware that demand on the server's hosting TEENpup 2.14 might require you to try again latter.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, you have a nice blog and i enjoy reading it but please learn the difference between the words, your and you're. thank you

Anonymous said...


FRIS said...

Yup! You're right. I have written the wrong word. Thanks for corrections.
I have edited it.

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