Slamd 64 Linux 12.0 has released

Today, Slamd64 Linux 12.0, an unofficial port of Slackware Linux 12.0 to the AMD64 architecture, has released.

Slamd64 is a multi-lib distribution, which means that you can run 32-bit applications easily, without a chroot. You can directly install most packages targeted at x86 Slackware®. Slamd64 11.0 and below do not include support for compiling 32-bit applications, however support is included in 12.0 and above.

System Requirements:

These are only a rough guideline; your mileage may vary.

* x86_64-compatible CPU (AMD64/EM64T, not IA64):
o AMD Athlon 64
o AMD Athlon 64 FX
o AMD Athlon 64 X2
o AMD Turion 64
o AMD Turion 64 X2
o AMD Opteron
o Some AMD Semprons (only the SDA*SBX model numbers)
o Intel Pentium 4F with D0 and later P4 steppings
o Some Xeon processors (only the EM64T, not the IA64 variety)
o Intel Core 2 Duo (NOT Core Duo)

* 128MB RAM. More strongly recommended.
* 100MB (minimal, text-only install) - 3GB (full install) HD space. More strongly recommended.
* If graphics are required, any VGA card.
* If 3d graphics are required, NVidia or Intel cards are recommended, although any card supported by Linux, X, and DRI on x86_64 should be supported.

Short list of highlights:

* General:
o Linux
o GCC 4.1.2
o Support for booting the installer by USB or PXE (netboot).

* 32-bit compatability:
o FHS-compliant multilib system
o Reworked 32-bit compatability libraries
o Support for building 32-bit binaries (gcc -m32)
o Seamless support for most 32-bit applications, including Cedega and
o nspluginwrapper allows the usage of 32-bit browser plugins, including Flash Player

* Desktop:
o HAL automounting
o KDE 3.5.7
o XFCE 4.4.1
o X11R7
o Mozilla Firefox
o Mozilla Thunderbird
o Mozilla Seamonkey 1.1.4
o Pidgin 2.2.1

* Server:
o The Apache Project's httpd, version 2.2.4
o PHP 5.2.4
o Perl 5.8.8
o mysql 5.0.37

Slamd64 12 will be supported with security updates for at least the next two releases, and Slamd64 11 will be supported with security updates at least until the next release.

You can get Slamd64 12 at here.


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