FreevoLive, a HomeTheatre Linux

FreevoLive is a live cd, running Mandriva Linux, with Freevo preinstalled. It is meant to show people why Freevo is the way to go for your Home Theatre PC!
FreevoLive was build with the mklivecd scripts from MCNLive, which is a live cd created by members of the Dutch MandrivaClub.

FreevoLive 0.15 has been released on a fews ago, running on top of X11, makes it possible to use the native resolution of your monitor, instead of 800x600x16bpp being the only possible resolution. So this is actually a nice improvement.

Besides that, Freevo has been added a small browser (Hv3), and installed the libquicktime-faad package, so that you can finally enjoy the Apple trailers with sound!!

Btw, try and download FreevoLive now at here.


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