MythDora: If MythTV meets Fedora

MythDora is a Fedora Core and MythTV "All-In-One" CD/DVD. The install will load a preconfigured Fedora Core 6 installation on your computer as well as install and configure MythTV-0.20-1.

There are extras included with MythDora such as MythArchive, MediaMVP and MythStreamTV for some extra fun. Enjoy!

The new and much improved MythDora 4.0 is finally ready. As you will see, things have improved greatly. Jarod and I have worked hard on this and I can safely say that this is the best version yet. This couldn't have been done without all the help from you beta testers. This was the best response I've gotten so far and I really appreciate all your help. Your help found issues that we never could have seen.

MythDora has undergone almost a total revamp. Things are in different places and paths so be sure to read the changelog. Some things to expect that are a little different is that the recommended install is a custom install. This will allow you the best choices and customization for your install. The auto install feature is still there but it's not on the menu ;-).

For newbies this maybe the easiest way to set things up. Just put in the disk, and at the prompt type auto. This WILL wipe out your 1st hard drive but not any others, so you have been warned. Jarod has customized the Anaconda installer to make a custom install even easier. Just be sure to look through the menus choices to install any drivers and/or packages you might need.

MythDora does not support the Epia cx700 series boards.
PVR-350 users that want to use TV-out will need to install the ivtv_xdriver and video4linux packages during install.
PVR-x50/500 users may experience problems with ivtv if video4linux is installed. Do not install this unless you need it for DVB or TV-out for the 350.

Highlights of Lastest Versions:

  • Fedora Core 6
  • MythDora is now being built using Pungi. This will help greatly in future releases and upgrades.
  • kernel-2.6.20-1.2944.fc6
  • New MythTV 0.20.1 fixes release, with default settings customized for MythDora
  • Numerous DVB/V4L kernel patches for improved capture card autodetection
  • New install process, featuring the anaconda installer GUI, heavily customized for MythDora.
  • Firstboot customizations for MythDora, with new GUI menu setup partially integrated.
  • Both DVD and CD install disks, as well as a network-installable tree and yum repositories
  • A very nice database backup module in MythDora Tools
  • Preferred install is custom but auto still works. The custom install is still very easy and you can customize your system the way you want it.
  • Four window managers are included - Gnome, KDE, XfCE4, and Ratpoison, with Gnome being the default
  • Ability to start with MythWelcome, normal frontend or nothing at login time.
  • 16 different game emulators (Don't ask us how to use them)
  • Latest Nvidia 9755 & 9631 Legacy drivers, with 8776 and 7184 legacy drivers available via custom package selection.
  • Latest ATI 8.36.5 & Legacy 8.28.8 video drivers(with accelerated video)
  • Latest ivtv 0.10.1
  • Support for AverMedia M150/AverTV MCE-1500
  • Support for Hauppauge HVR series tuner cards
Btw, you can get MythDora at here.


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