PUD Linux, the Mini Gutsy has been released

PUD GNU/Linux 0.4.8 has been released. PUD GNU/Linux is a mini LiveCD based on Ubuntu Linux Gutsy Gibbon 7.10, which takes up under 200MB, with (both Simplified/Traditional) Chinese enhancements with the light-weight Xfce window manager.

PUD comes with new logo and new boot menu with gfxboot and integrated with some Gnome tools, improved laptop support from keyboard detect, suspend/hibernate to wireless setting, make PUD v0.4.8 to become the most completed release so far, the author said on its release notes.

PUD's system is based on Ubuntu 7.10 with new kernel and packages, patched with Squashfs-LZMA compression and Aufs filesystem (get the patches and source). Other upgrades including 3D desktop effects (Compiz Fusion) and 10+ Opt-Get plugins; and a easy way to make bootable pendrive called mkliveusb.

Features of PUD:

Minimalist Desktop, Plate User Interface, Live USB, Boot to RAM Disk, Opt-Get Plugin System for one click install system to add more applications, Patched Kernel and Optimized, Various Backup Methods and Build-LiveCD Toolkit, so you can customize your own LiveCD more easier and auomatically.

Get PUD Linux at here.


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