Lapwing Linux, a mini Slackware

Lapwing Linux is Slackware based "lite" desktop distribution. Lapwing-Linux is a distro thats not full of bloat and fat but includes all the software needed to be useful.

Lapwing don't restrict the user to having just what we give them, it make it easy to add, remove and rip to shreds everything if the user wants to.

Highlights of Lapwing are:

  • Easy to learn; for all computer users, from expert Windows users to computer newbies
  • Easy to administer; it shouldn't be a chore to get new software or configure it
  • Easy to tinker; understandable options and scripts, let the user decide how things work
  • Easy to recover; in case the user does foul it up, easy to get something working again
  • Easy to blow up; just kidding :-)
The different Lapwing-Linux from all the other GNU/Linux distros as author said are:
It doesn't use the current development model of "freezing" packages for a release; the core packages (such as glibc, GCC, UDEV etc) are frozen to ensure stability, but all packages "above" this are renewed as and when needed.
You can download Lapwing at here.


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