Whaaw! Media Player has released

Whaaw! Media Player is an audio/video player using gstreamer (like totem but without GNOME dependencies).

Whaaw! Media Player will play any audio/video files which gstreamer can play. It supports fullscreen mode, seeking, changing video colour settings and more. It is inteded to be a basic media player similar to totem.


  • GTK+ version 2.8.x
  • Python >= 2.5
  • gstreamer-python >= 0.10
  • pygtk

What's New in This Release:

  • Add a queue window, files can be dropped on the queue, and multiple files can be passed from the command line
  • Tags of files can now be read and displayed, this requires mutagen (optional)
  • Now uses xdg.BaseDirectory for configuration, so pyxdg is now a dependency
  • make.py rewrite, now uses distutils, now all that's needed to install is './make.py install'
  • Fix a hang on disabling screensaver
  • Allow disable screensaver command to be changed via config file
  • Fix with useful error on no pygtk or x server
  • Add next button to skip through the queue (can be disabled in config file), can also be invoked by pressing 'n'
  • Optional restart button (enabled in config file) to restart the current file, can also be invoked by pressing 'p' or 'r'


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