LinuxMini: The Light Edition of LinuxMint has released

The purpose of the Light Edition is to bring a version of Linux Mint which doesn't contain:

  • proprietary software
  • patented technologies
  • support for restricted formats
In some countries where the legislation allows software patents to be enforced the Light Edition provides a way for users to legally download Linux Mint.

The following components are not present in this Light Edition:
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Support for encrypted DVDs
  • Windows codecs
  • Support for restricted multimedia formats
  • Unrar
  • Sun Java (replaced by GIJ)

This edition includes all other technologies from Linux Mint Celena and among them: mintAssistant and mintUpload.

Note: You can transform Linux Mint "Light Edition" into Linux Mint "Main Edition" by installing Multimedia Support once the system is installed on your computer.

You can download this mini linux of Liux Mint at here.


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