Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 with rich features

Kubuntu 7.10 removed the feistiness, becoming the gutsiest release to date. Improved desktop, updated applications and increased usability features are just a few of the surprises with this latest release.

The goal for Kubuntu 7.10, codenamed Gutsy Gibbon, was to remove the edge and the feistiness from previous releases and to continue on the creation of a secure and stable desktop environment, on a road to becoming the perfect KDE based operating system.

Whats New?

The K Desktop Environment, a powerful graphical desktop environment, combines the ease of use, contemporary functionality and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Kubuntu operating system. The stable release of KDE in Kubuntu 7.10 is right up to date at version 3.5.8, released earlier this week.

Dolphin is a KDE file manager, now the default file manager in Kubuntu 7.10, which allows quick navigation through the file system. Dolphin is not a replacement for Konqueror as Dolphin only acts as a file manager. Some of the main features of Dolphin are: a navigation bar for quick navigation through the file system, view properties are saved for each folder, split views, undo and redo functionality, renaming of multiple selected items in one easy step.

Kubuntu 7.10 now includes the same Restricted Drivers Manager as Ubuntu. The Restricted Drivers Manager is a control module that allows you to simply install drivers for your hardware that are of the non-free variety. Such drivers include the NVIDIA 3D graphics driver, the ATI 3D graphics driver, Broadcom wireless drivers and more. Though Kubuntu makes these drivers readily available to you, as non-free software they are not officially supported by the Kubuntu community, and if they break you can only receive fixes through the manufacturers of the drivers.

Kubuntu 7.10 includes OpenOffice.org 2.3, which is an open-source office suite similar in functionality to that of other office suites. The included applications are: Writer, a fully functional word processor, Calc, an advanced spread sheet program and Impress, a tool for creating effective multimedia presentations. OpenOffice.org is compatible with all major office suites.

For those of you wanting something lighter, KOffice is a simple install away. It includes world leading applications such as Kexi the database manager and Krita the image editor.

Kontact, the Personal Information Manager in Kubuntu 7.10, unites an entire suite of PIM applications in one central environment. We now include the Enterprise version of Kontact, for advanced functionality.

KDE 4, the largest update to ever come out of the KDE community, is present in the Kubuntu 7.10 universe repositories. KDE 4 Beta 3 is the version available released only the day before Kubuntu 7.10. Still recommended only for the developer minded as it is highly unstable, however it is getting to the point of much better usability. If you are interested in seeing how the future of desktop computing is shaping up, then take a look at our KDE 4 Beta 3 packages.

Not only can you use Kubuntu and install Kubuntu from the Desktop CD or the DVD, but you also have some popular Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) available to install on your Microsoft Windows operating system. Advantages of this software include being absolutely free of charge, being free to modify and being free to copy and distribute. The applications provided are: Scribus, an advanced desktop publishing utility; Mozilla Firefox, a
secure and fast web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird, a full-featured email client - reclaim your inbox!

And many more features thats Kubuntu brings in this new release. Btw, you can download it here now.


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