Love Gutsy, but your machine is the old man? Try Xubuntu Gutsy!

Xubuntu is one of the many flavours of the famous Ubuntu distribution. It was one of the most popular linux mini distros now. Xubuntu may be optimized for lower-end computers using the XFce desktop environment, but it still inherited the strength of its mother distribution. This Ubuntu variant compatible enough with the old laptop and PC.

The boot/startup time of Xubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon is faster and the responsiveness has improved significantly. On my machine, screen resolution was properly set to 1024x768 and you can set dual monitor configurations. The bootsplash logo appeared not centered as shown on the screenshot. Xubuntu’s polished default desktop theme is called Murrina Storm Cloud, using the Murrine Engine, with some other additional themes to choose from. The wallpapers included mostly came with the XFce desktop by default.

In Xubuntu Gutsy, there are plenty of valuable and updated software applications that are already pre-installed. This includes Firefox 2.0.06, Gimp 2.4.0rc3, Python 2.5.1, Samba 3.0.26a, Brasero to burn disks, and OpenOffice 2.3.0. Though restricted/non-free software like Flash and MP3 and DVD support were not installed by default, I easily added them using the Synaptic Package Manager. Synaptic is also very handy in removing and updating software packages.

With ntfs-3g, it is now possible to not only read, but also write to your Windows NTFS-partitions using Xubuntu. I found a Character Map application too in new Xubuntu, for easy selection of special characters. For gamers, there are 17 games include on Xubuntu from GNome.

You can get Xubuntu ISO for free at here, and if you prefer to use torrent method you can visit here for Desktop CD, and here for alternate CD.


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