Ubuntu Boot Menu with SUSE style

Now I will explain a very simple and effective way to significantly improve the GRUB in Ubuntu.

If you saw SUSE Linux, it is far more colorful than that brings Ubuntu default, and although it can be improved quickly putting a background image, sure that this kind of GRUB you like more:

It is quite easy to do so, as I configured both in the stand as on cell phones. Information is extracted from the Ubuntu How-To, but I have not worked to perfection with these steps, and they need to change a few things.

First, we must download the package grub-gfxboot and one of their themes. As I here use the Ububrown theme that I download from Ubuntu Forum like the image above.

As always, run a terminal, and type this:

Wget http://quasarfreak.googlepages.com/grub-gfxboot_0.97-5_i386.deb
Now we must uninstal grub and install the new (don't worry, it is safe):
sudo aptitude remove grub
sudo dpkg-i grub-gfxboot_0.97-5_i386.deb
sudo grub-install /dev/hda
Aware of one important thing: The /dev/hda must be changed to the correct path where we installed our Grub. To know exactly nothing better than watching the order to load the kernel in /boot/grub/menu.lst.

Next, decompress theme zip file that you have downloaded and copy it into /boot/grub:
Message.ububrown sudo cp /boot/grub/
Now, the final step is simple, edit the menu of Grub:
Sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
At the beginning add this line:
gfxmenu /boot/grub/message.ububrown
Finally, restart and we have new graphical boot loader.


Notes: You can use the updated packages of grub-gfxboot (last versions have support for amd64).


Harsh J said...

This was exactly what I was looking for! You rule! Thanks a ton :)

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