ForeSight Linux 1.41 has released today

Foresight Linux is a Distribution which showcases the latest and greatest version of the GNOME Desktop Environment and

Foresight Linux is a Linux distribution for your desktop that features a rolling release schedule that always keeps your desktop up to date; a revolutionary package manager, Conary; the latest GNOME desktop environment and an innovative set of excellent, up to date packages.

Foresight is proud that it has been the first distribution that has shipped GNOME 2.20 and be the basis for the GNOME Live Media available at here.

These release notes highlight new features in Foresight Linux 1.4.1 and GNOME 2.20.1. Also included is upgrading instructions, downloading instructions and getting help with Foresight Linux.

What’s new

Foresight Linux features a rolling release schedule, with major releases coinciding with GNOME‘s 6 month release schedule. Rolling releases offer Foresight’s users access to the latest software including new features and bug fixes. This is a minor Release that fixes some bugs, updates translations that GNOME 2.20 had.

GNOME 2.20.1 Changes

Gtk+ was updated to version 2.12.1 (which corrects many bugs!), and Pango was updated to version 1.18.3. For more details see also the official GNOME site.


With the 1.4.1 release of Foresight, the Foresight System Manager has been officially replaced with PackageKit. PackageKit aims to be a unified package manager and installer available for many different Linux distributions, and Foresight is proud to be the first distribution to ship with PackageKit using the Conary backend. PackageKit is a GUI tool for managing software packages and updates for your computer, including installing, removing or searching for new software.

After a default installation, PackageKit is installed and running on your system. PackageKit is configured to check for updates once a day, and you will be prompted to install them by clicking on the PackageKit icon on your panel.

To manually search, add or remove software, click on System -> Administration -> Add / Remove Software.

Additional documentation on using PackageKit can be found on the Foresight Linux Wiki

You can download Foresight Linux here.


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