FrogLinux, the French Mini Linux

FrogLinux, the French mini linux distro is different proprietary operating systems because we offer, with FrogLinux, a real barrier to viruses and other malicious software.

FrogLinux distinguish itself as through access to a huge amount of free software and free through collaboration with Ubuntu.

Its real innovations are to get the benefits of Linux and Ubuntu by adding a Quebec personality by adding visual elements representing Quebec, higher quality and suitable software.

The software is configured in french.

FrogLinux is now available on USB Drive Fast, functional, surprise! There is no need to use an operating system slow or faulty or hard disk. Start your computer directly from the USB drive. Everything is already installed and functional:
  • Internet
  • Mail Manager
  • The OpenOffice suite
  • CD burner / DVD
  • Reader film and music
  • Advanced graphics software
  • Manager photographs and images
  • Automatic Network Detection, graphics cards and printers
  • Redetection of your devices at each startup (exclusive FrogLinux)
  • You have to discover the rest. (Including the famous Autobackup, another FrogLinux exclusivity).
You can download FrogLinux at here.


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