VectorLinux 5.9 has Released Today

The VectorLinux team is proud to announce the availability of the beta-1 release of VectorLinux-5.9. The 5.9 release is a major upgrade from previous releases.

This release is based on slackware 12 which introduces Xorg-7.2, glibc-2.5 and the gcc-4.1.2 tool chain. Everything in this release has been rebuilt from the ground up resulting in greater speed and stability.

It include Xfce4, jwm, the gimp, firefox, seamonkey, opera, cups, audacious, gqview, popular multimedia plugins, mplayer, vfirewall, scribus and many other programs to maximize the desktop experience.

Also new is the addition of cruxports4slack and our very own vpackager for easy installation of source packages.This is a beta release but the RC is soon to follow after initial peer testing.

You can download VectorLinux 5.9 here.


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