Parted Magic Linux 1.9 LiveCD/USB/PXE has released today

Parted Magic is a Linux LiveCD/USB/PXE with its elemental purpose being to partition hard drives.

Optimized at approximately 30MB, the Parted Magic OS employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs (e.g. Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, ddrescue, etc.) and an excellent set of documentation to benefit the user. An extensive collection of fileystem tools are also included, as Parted Magic supports the following: ext2, ext3, ext4, fat16, fat32, hfs, hfs+, jfs, linux-swap, ntfs, reiserfs, reiser4, and xfs.

It added all i386 keymaps from kbd. There is a label changing GUI for reiserfs, ntfs, ext2, ext3, xfs, and jfs. Photorec was added. Some hacking on GParted were did and you can create hfs+ file systems directly from GParted now. Added support to name the location of the pmagic squashfs in the syslinux.cfg. Some other other bug fixes and script changes as well.

The latest version is updated with: Linux-2.6.23, parted-1.8.8, ntfsprogs-2.0, ntfs-3g-1.913, and GParted-0.3.4.

The current Xserver is xorg-server- with the following drivers: apm, ark, ati, chips, cirrus, cyrix, glint, i128, i740, i810, mga, neomagic, nv, r128, riva128, radeon, rendition, s3, s3virge, savage, siliconmotion, sis, tdfx, tga, trident, tseng, vesa, vmware, and voodoo. The mini Xserver, Xvesa, is also available.

You can get PartedMagic for free at here.


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