I divorced Cassandra, now I date with Daryna (Linux Mint 4.0)

First Beta of Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna has released with some new features and update from the previous release as its based on Ubuntu Gutsy.

The Restricted Manager was improved and should be able to bring 3D support to all nVidia cards. Envy is being developed at the moment to include the new ATI drivers released by AMD and will be included in the next BETA or in the stable release of Daryna.

Heres the author's announce of this new release:

"The first release candidate for Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna is out and available for download. What's new in Daryna? With mintUpdate you can now get automatic updates without compromising the stability of your system. And a new frontend to mintInstall now allows you to search the portal directly from your desktop. mintInstall itself was also made more intuitive and improvements were made to its interface. mintDesktop got major improvements in terms of usability and now has an extra-feature which lets you restore the default splash-screens for OpenOffice.org, GIMP and Amarok."

What makes Daryna ideal for the desktop?

  • Out of the box multimedia support
  • Microsoft Windows Integration (Dual-boot, NTFS read/write support, Migration Assistant)
  • One-Click install system (Linux Mint Software Portal, mintInstall)
  • Easy file-sharing (mintUpload)
  • Desktop features, Control Center, mintMenu
  • 3D Effects
  • Great configuration tools
  • Great selection of default applications (OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, Pidgin, XChat, Amarok..etc)
  • Solid package base (Google Earth, Picasa, Skype.. a lot of important software present in the repositories or in the Linux Mint Software Portal, compatibility with all Ubuntu Feisty repositories and most Debian packages)
Try to date Daryna with downloading "her" here.


butthead2001 said...

u divorced cassandra? wow...im still dating her...not ready to leave her until daryna is ready...vavavavoom.... anyway, the beta is still being ironed out for some bugs. More beta coming up and hopefully we can all date Daryna.

kudos to the linux team,


all of you having trouble using 3d effect on nvidia geforce 7100gs email me, i might be able to answer that.

Hugo said...


I am having problems with the performance of my 7100GS. A machine with a 6150 and a slower processor is doing better. Can you tell me if theres any problem with this card?


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