Microsoft Project Competitor: OpenSource OpenProj

OpenProj is a new open source solution for project management. It's simple user interface is very similar to that of Microsoft Project.

OpenProj even let's you import you existing Microsoft Project files directly, so that you can fast and easily migrate all of you project. Primavera files can also be imported.

The project plan can be viewed as a gantt charts and it also supports network diagrams (PERT charts), WBS and RBS charts. Everything is controlled and updated based on your information and run through OpenProj's advanced scheduling engine - to provide a complete up-to-date view of your project.

The OpenProj solution is the most advanced project solution ever provided to the open source community. Projity has open sourced the entire OpenProj solution including the most advanced scheduling, resource and cost algorithms in the industry. Projity provides the source code and OpenProj solution free of charge.

OpenProj runs on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows desktops. Here is what the industry is saying about OpenProj:

"Projity's release of OpenProj is an important addition to the open source marketplace. The project management area now has a full equivalent to the commercial software market. OpenProj is a terrific addition for users of OpenOffice and other open source solutions"
Larry Augustin, Sourceforge founder

"OpenProj is an exciting addition to the range of professional desktop applications that are available on free software desktop today. It's increasingly possible to run your business entirely on an open Linux platform, with full compatibility across free software applications and your legacy documents. Congratulations to the Projity team for this milestone release!
Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu CEO

"We are very excited by the OpenProj software: it clearly fills a gap and we are glad there is now a robust and complete solution for project management from the open source community, we look forward to incorporate OpenProj in our distro and make it available to our users"
Francois Bancilhon, Mandriva CEO

"OpenProj is a "killer application" that businesses all around the world will want. Freedom to share, freedom to deploy, freedom to use. That is what the market wants, we will be including OpenProj for our users. Every day a new brick towards the Open Source platform completeness is laid, this is a big one!!!"
Fabio Erculiani, CEO Sabayon Linux

"Novell supports all community efforts to bring more applications to the Linux desktop. OpenProj addresses an important customer need-- the availability of an open source application for project management. As more users migrate to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and, these users will be seeking tools like OpenProj to help them complete their daily business tasks"
Justin Steinmen, Novell, Director of marketing for Linux and Open Platform Solutions

"Project managers now have a high quality, cross-platform project management solution available with an open source business model. Projity's OpenProj is not only compatible with the format used by the most widely used project management tool, but also offers an easy migration path for those who want to explore its features with their existing data"
Tony Wasserman, Director, Software Management Program, Carnegie Mellon West

"OpenProj looks very promising. I have no doubt it will soon seduce people and we'll see individuals and companies switch to OpenProj the same way they previously switched to projects like Firefox or OpenOffice."
Clement Lefebvre,

OpenProj is professional project management on your desktop not matter which operating system you use. Btw, you can download OpenProj here.


easy said...

I was not taught to be a project manager. I just got this position by chance. The first PM tool I heard of was MS Project. When I saw it, I thought that I won't ever be able to manage a single project! The software is so complicated! Then I read a post on light-weight tools that linked to Wrike. The app turned out to be perfect for me! I've completed four projects with its help and each of them was a success!

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