Absolute Linux has updated absolutely

Today, the author of Absolute Linux, Paul Sherman, has announced the availability of an updated release of Absolute Linux. So, it has version 12.0.6. Absolute Linux is another small light weight of Slackware distro with full customize with featuring the IceWM window manager.

Assembled to make installation and maintenance of Slackware easier.
Built for speed, stability, security, ease of use and development (if you are so inclined.)

The change of previous release in this updated release are:

Midnight Commander(mc), Dillo web browser and ggradebook added
to default packages.
xdm updated for nice graphical login, when desired
icewm update: to include menu item to switch between graphic login
or text-based.
Checkers menu item changed for better display.
etc package: now includes script that switches login type
Pulled AlsaAudio card handler. This originally had a bug with
SB Live cards, takes up memory, and does nothing Asolute does
not already do.
Also new DevTray icon and tooltip, to avoid confusion.
Pyalsaaudio and Alsamixergui removed.
Updated to 2.4.0-rc3. Stable and actually faster than previous GIMP.
Pulled translations, which will now be on CD2.
Updated handler for GIMP in SendTo for images and PDFs.
Back-dated version to 2.0.4, due to CPU-usage maxing out. Older
version more stable.
Also tweaked "edit with" for gimp.
Back in to help with the language thing...
Updated to make font in shutdown/console options more readable.
Chess and checkers:
fixed both these x games. Chess had a bug with new gcc and
checkers was a configuration thing, also set up checkers display
better and put images it uses in /usr/share/games/xcheckers.

Here are the features of Absolute Linux for who feel 'strange' with this distro:
  • ease of installation (to save my time),

  • lightweight enough to put on even very old machines,

  • included software is set up for desktop use, not as a server,

  • and stable enough and easy enough to use so that I did not get support calls all the time.

Absolute does not change how Slackware works, it just makes it easier and faster. Desktop oriented, as opposed to a server machine. So if you are familiar with Slackware, you can still do all the configuration voodoo the old-fashioned way if you like.

If you are tired of fighting with adware and virii, spending good money on new machines that only seem to run slower the more time that goes by and the more money you throw at them, tired of Microsoft updates for buggy security and having to pay gobs of money for new hardware for an OS (ie Vista) that does nothing more for you than a bit of eye-candy and increasingly constrains what you can do with your own multimedia -- then you may well be motivated enough to try Absolute.

If you have an old P2 or P3 languishing around and if you put it on the internet it fills up with garbage and even with the antivirus it runs like an old dog -- wake it up! Absolute is lean, clean and won't get infected with every virus, worm, trojan or piece of poorly-written, system-sapping and sometimes dangerous spyware.

If you want to safetly, easily and quickly be able to check your email, watch movies, listen to music, make documents, charts, plot graphs -- burn music or videos or pictures, edit pictures, play some games online or off, download videos or music, use a couple included dictionaries or read etext or FTP or download new software without fear. All without fear.

If you want to run iTunes. If you are a gamer and want to play the latest Windows games. If you use MS Word and won't settle for ANYTHING else . . . then stick with Windows. None of these reasons makes you a bad person. It's your computer and you can and should use it the way you like.

Then download and try it. Absolute is Open Source Software.


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